The New Hybrid Lincoln Mkz 2.0h

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Lincoln MKZ 2.0h is one of new products from Lincoln Motor Company launched in 2013. Lincoln Motor Company is the new manufacture that was formerly under the name of Ford Motor but now Lincoln builds its own car products. Until now, Lincoln is still producing cars that look similar with car produced by Ford. It invites people to compare car products from Lincoln and Ford that have the same target market in the society.

This kind of similarity leads Lincoln becomes a good car manufacturer because of Ford. The reputation of Ford as one of the famous car producer affects the reputation of Lincoln in the market and this is also what happened to Lincoln when they launch Lincoln MKZ. A lot of people compare this MKZ hybrid car with Ford Fusion Hybrid. However, Lincoln leads in some parts of the car ability better than Ford which is also its former manufacture.

For the engine, Lincoln Hybrid MKZ used two types of engine. First MKZ used Atkinson cycle 2.0 liter with four cylinder engine to produce 141 horsepower. Then for the second variation, Hybrid MKZ used planetary electric motor combo to produce 118 horsepower. This engine is quite similar with Ford Hybrid but Lincoln managed to have its own chassis design. Fortunately, MKZ Lincoln is better in managing 170 foot stop which is seven feet shorter than Ford Fusion.

What is unique in Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is that this car has three different settings; they are comfort, normal and sport. These setting options provide the best riding quality and offer to the consumer the setting that is suitable with their driving. For the performance, this car reaches 0-60 mph in 9.4 seconds that is 0.3 slower rather than Ford Fusion. What becomes the problem in this car is that it is quite heavy with 3843 pounds that make this car quite slow compared with Fusion. However the interior and exterior design of this MKZ is no joke. They equip their interior with exclusive seatbelt, airbag, cooled seats and many exclusive things.

So, if you like to own Lincoln MKZ you could have it with $42,415 which is much expensive rather than Ford Fusion. The price is quite expensive but worth to buy because of the hybrid technology in the car. If you like to experience the luxurious things from a hybrid car, this Lincoln MKZ 2.0h will be the best options because of its luxury and advanced technology in the car.

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