The New Datsun 280zx

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Datsun 280zx is the improvement of Datsun Z series that have modern features and advanced engine technology. This car offers two models of car, two-seater and 2 + 2 models. The new design of this car comes from the design that tends to be more spacious that make the driving experience much more comfortable. You will not find any problem if you are driving this car for long time because the cabin size is wider. Besides in the size, the new type of Datsun car also gives changes in the engine specification. They like to make this car runs faster on the road.

The new engine system in this car is 2.8 liter powerplant that could produce up to 140 horsepower. In some countries like Europe and America, the engine produces different energy because the used engine is quite different. Some of people feel little bit disappointed with the heavy weight of this car. However, even though this car is little bit overweight, all the things in this car can be settled. There are some differences between the two-seater and 2+2 models. The differences can be seen in the wheel base size. The two-seater model use 0.6 inch length wheel base and the 2+2 used 3.4 inches length wheel base.

The New Datsun is little bit slower compared with the Z series. However it cannot make this car lose its fans because this car offers more things from other features to show that this car can be categorized as sports car. This car is a luxurious sports car in its class with a lot of modern technology such as power windows, 4-speaker stereo with “joystick”, plush velour upholstery, electrical remote-adjustable door mirrors, and cruise control. This feature will make this car become a comfortable sports car to drive with complete features design.

The new Datsun will have good performance on the road with six cylinder engine that this car has. There will be no problem for this car to run faster on the road even though this car is quite heavy. You can have a car that is sporty and looks masculine on the road.

If you like to have Datsun car, this type of Datsun car should be considered. This car has powerful energy to run faster in the road. Datsun 280zx is the new car from Datsun with premium features and technology that can make this car as the favorite car among many Datsun enthusiasts.

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