The New 2016 Toyota Tacoma Specs

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Toyota Tacoma is one of the new cars from Toyota and here are the 2016 Toyota Tacoma Specs. Toyota Tacoma is known as a truck car that still used the current design until 2014. Fortunately, in the 2016 design Toyota will create some redesign that will give different look in this truck car. The final design of this car was launched in the Detroit Auto Show and it showed the appearance of this car much better. Even though it uses similar chassis, it will also have a lot of differences compared with its current design.

Toyota Tacoma 2016 has completely different design and whole new interior design that not only has better quality but also better design that make this new car provides better experience in driving. Not only having new interior and exterior design, this car will also use new engine that is more powerful and new trim options also will be included in this new truck car.

For the interior, there are a lot of improvements made by Toyota. Soft plastic dashboard, better seats design and waterproof mats on the floor become the standard interior design of this car. Besides that, air conditioner, and four speaker audio systems with USB cable connectivity, multifunctional steering wheel and adjustable front seats will make this car feel much more comfortable to drive on the road. For the exterior, this car design will combine the design of 4runner and Tundra by having hexagonal grille and slim headlights. The appearance of this car becomes more muscular rather than before.

For the engine, the standard model of this car use 2.7 liter inline 4 which is quite similar with the old series. However, this 2016 Tacoma comes to be more powerful by producing 180 up to 190 horsepower. For the transmission, New Tacoma will use 6 speed automatic transmissions. The new engine and transmission used in this car will make this car easily get more than 24 MPG as the average performance.

If you are curious about the price of this car, Toyota already launches the official price for this car. For base model Tacoma will be released for $18,000 and for the high end model this car can be owned with $30,000. You could start to order this car around summer 2015 to make sure you get the unit as soon as the car is ready. Here are the information for 2016 Toyota Tacoma Specs to make you know what New Tacoma has in its new series.

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