The New 2015 Dodge Durango Srt8

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Dodge Durango Srt8 is one of the Dodge SUV cars that were launched in 2015. The distinct features of this new car are that Dodge Durango has attractive look compared with its current types. Durango SRT 8 is the fourth generation of the series that offers a lot of new things in this new car. Even though the new look is not totally different with its predecessors, you could see the strong look in this car. Besides, the exterior design gets changes in the interior, engines and other features in this car.

Besides the strong look in the exterior, this car will have larger size that provides more spaces in the cabin and make the passenger feel much comfortable. For the grill, this Durango SRT8 still has the same grill type. However the whole looks of this car become much sportier and with bigger wheel base and strong look.

For the interior, Dodge makes several improvements to make this car looks new and better. Dodge put efforts to make this car looks modern. The cabin can be loaded by seven passengers that make this car suitable to be used as a family car. It is designed to have three rows which are relatively big in size. Even though there are three rows in this car, however the third row is not comfortable to be used by passengers. It is smaller and little bit cramped so it is better to be used for luggage if you are traveling.

For the steering performance, you will be satisfied because Durango SRT8 has HEMI performance and smooth steering performance. The best thing from this car comes from its comfort and features equipped in this new car. For the engine this car will use 3.6 liter V6 engine to produce 290 horsepower. It causes good performance in this car on the road, so you could run faster and stable on the road.

What little bit disappointed in this car is in the fuel efficiency. Even though it has good performance in engine, the fuel consumption is lavish that causes this car has low MPG. For the price, Durango SRT8 will cost $30,395, which is quite expensive car among other car in its class. However if you like to have a car that has a big capacity and modern features Dodge Durango Srt8 is the best car that you could own without spending too much budget.

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