The Amazing 2016 Jeep SRT 8 Hellcat and Jeep SRT8 Specs Reviews

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Many loved the previous Grand Cherokee SRT 8 manufactured by Jeep. This fact has stimulated Jeep to release the next Jeep’s Grand Cherokee SRT 8 next generation, the 2016 model. Today, we’re about to show you the Jeep SRT8 specs and our reviews about this 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT 8. The older SRT 8 was comfortable and had fascinating performance. Seems like the new 2016 SRT 8 will get better performance and more comfortable compared to the previous version.

Jeep had confirmed that they will provide two new models for the future buyers of 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT 8. There will be 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT 8 and its brother, SRT 8 Hellcat. Jeep said they are not only adding bigger engines to their new SRT 8s but they are also improving the running gear of each SRT 8 and also updating each SRT 8’s interior. Even though the performance of the older SRT 8 was awesome, Chrysler is interested to boost the power of 2016 SRT 8.

Even though the previous generation of SRT 8 was really comfortable, Chrysler believes that they need to add few more features to the newer SRT 8. We must be patient to see the new SRT 8 since Chrysler will launch both of SRT 8s in the beginning of 2016. Before the new SRT 8s are launched, the prices of both SRT 8s have been leaked, there is USD 65,000 for the 2016 SRT 8 and USD 80,000 for the 2016 SRT 8 Hellcat.

2016 Grand Cherokee SRT 8 is going to be launched with 6.2L V8 engine, the same one with the engine of SRT 8 previous generation. Even though Chrysler didn’t change the engine for the newer SRT 8, this engine has better performance since it will produce 490 horsepower. Also, the 2016 SRT 8 will get eight-speed automatic transmission. The top speed of this incredible 2016 SRT is over 160 miles per hour and this vehicle only needs 4.3 seconds to hit 60 miles per hour.

Now, let us talk about the Hellcat Jeep SRT8 specs. The Hellcat SUV will get the same engine but Hellcat will get the supercharged version. This special engine will produce 707 horsepower. With this amazing engine, 2016 SRT 8 Hellcat needs less than three seconds to hit 60 miles per hour. This breathtaking engine is also able to give 200 miles per hour as the top speed of this SUV. Sure, this 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT 8 Hellcat will be the fastest SUV.

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