New Ford Bronco Concept Is Expected to Hit the Market Soon in 2016

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As one of the biggest names in the automotive industry, Ford has always been so good in creating a masterpiece that may just be there once again through the new Ford Bronco concept. The car itself is going to be awesome for sure since it has the word concept in its name. It is set to hit the public in the 2016 Detroit Car Show soon at the beginning of 2016. Are you ready to get excited by the new version of concept car from Ford?

Being estimated to have its price in the range of $24,000 up to $31,000, the car is going to have several types of engine. You can go for its 5.0-liter V-8 Coyote that is able to deliver 420-horsepower of maximum power. You can also go for the 4.9-liter V-6 as another choice. One more option is a bit mysterious engine that is stated to be able to deliver 330-hortsepower of maximum power. In term of the transmission system, you will have to expect that the car could be in either 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic. The choice is yours entirely.

Aside of just getting excited by the under-the –hood thing of the car, the interior is also great to look at. Carefully thought design for the interior along with spacious room for everyone inside are among the great features that you can get in the cabin of this car. Having the name of concept car from Ford is not that simple. The engineers have been working so great in order to make sure that the car is perfectly designed not just in its look but also in the comfort and functionality of the interior.

The main concept of the car exterior is said to remain fierce at all costs. In comparison to the old versions of this car, there is not much thing to change just to get the best appeal of it right away. That may just be the thing done by Ford in making sure that the car is perfect both inside and outside the cabin.

Aside of being called as the concept of Ford, this particular car is also the masterpiece of off-road from Ford. Just wait for the actual release and reveal of this car which could be in the early of 2016. Meanwhile for now just enjoy everything about the new Ford Bronco concept that you can find out there.

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