Magnificent Mazda RX8 specs Every Coupe Lover Must Know

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As a famous Japanese automaker, Mazda had manufactured awesome vehicles, like the RX 8. Yes, we’re going to talk about these Mazda RX8 specs. This information about the specifications of RX 8 by Mazda will help you reconsider your decision to buy this vehicle. Besides, it also helps you compare the price of RX 8 with the performance of the vehicle. In Australian dollar, the price of RX 8 is between thirty three and forty thousands. With this pricing, what will the future buyers of Mazda RX 8 get?

RX 8 by Mazda was designed in coupe body type and it has four seats so you can ride with your date and two friends. Mazda puts an engine with 1.3L capacity that produces 177 kilowatt as the maximum power when it is at 8500 rpm. Also, this vehicle got six-speed manual transmission and rear wheel driving type. RX 8 needs premium petrol to work. The fuel tank of this vehicle is able to accommodate up to 65 liters of fuel.

Mazda equipped this RX 8 with some standard features that keep both driver and the passengers comfortable like climate control or automatic air conditioning system also the racing sports styled seats. For the driver, there is steering wheel that’s wrapped with leather and that’s completed with power steering also there is cruise control. To entertain all passengers, there are CD that has six stackers and radio CD that has six speakers.

Outside, RX 8 by Mazda has body kit options, front fog lights, rear spoiler, power mirrors, and xenon headlights. Inside, each there are lots of leather upholstery and power windows. We don’t have to worry about the safety of Mazda’s RX 8 because it has dual package of airbag, anti lock braking system, head airbags, and side front air bags. Standard security features of this RX 8 are including the central lock remote control and engine immobilizer.

That’s all Mazda RX8 specs we could share for now. With all standard features above, RX 8 must be a cozy and awesome coupe. You can use those specifications of Mazda’s RX 8 as references for you to compare this vehicle with other vehicles from Mazda or from other automakers. If you are interested to purchase a coupe, use this information about RX 8’s specifications to compare this coupe to other coupes like MX 5 by Mazda or coupe from other brands.

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