Latest Nissan Titan Diesel Specs to Continue a Long Lasting Production

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Just before taking a look at the latest version of Nissan Titan diesel specs, it is great to know that the name of Titan from Nissan has been in a constant production from the year of 2004. Can you imagine how many cars that have been manufactured under the name of Titan until today? The answer is a lot for sure. Yet the number that this particular car has been sold in the year of 2014 is 12,257. So, what makes it really deserved to be in the market of pickup today?

One important factor to be used in looking at the specs of this car is the price. Nissan stated that the starting price of this car could be in the level of $40,000 up to $60,000. Usually as it has been in that way for the previous versions, there will be the so called XD Platinum Reserve which includes every tech related feature and also given more wood and leather combination for a much more elegant appeal of the car.

Furthermore in regard to the performance of this car, Nissan delivers a peak power of in a slightly higher compared to those pickups of Ford and also general Motors. Each one of them is giving a power of 440-horsepower and 397-horsepower. Thus you can expect that the Titan is a bit better in term of the maximum power produced by its engine. Nissan will just give a kind of upgrade to its V-8 5.6-liter engine in order to surpass the maximum power of its competitors.

The acceleration of the Titan could bring this car into 60 mph from 0 mph in 9.2 seconds. Unfortunately this one is a bit behind the Ram EcoDiesel as one of its competitors. The Ram EcoDiesel will be able to reach 60 mph from 0 mph in only 9.0 seconds. Furthermore in a quarter-mile track, the Titan is able to set 17 seconds of time while the Ram EcoDesel is able to give its 16.9 best time. Clearly in a longer track the Titan is not that bad for sure.

Despite of the fact that the Ram is lighter than the Titan in a weight comparison of 5688-pound for the Ram and 7360 for the Titan, they are pretty close in performance matter. Furthermore in one aspect related to performance that is the mpg level, the Titan has its 15 mpg level combined of highway and city. How do the Nissan Titan diesel specs treat you?

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