Award Winning of the Year: Chevy Colorado Diesel

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Chevy Colorado Diesel is one of the truck cars manufactured by Chevrolet. This car is a type of new truck car which was launched in 2015 and 2016. Chevy Colorado wins award for the best development of torque and efficiency that no other pick up car could defeat. Those are the points that make Chevy Colorado become and award winning. Besides that, the technology and the concept of this car are very interesting by using modern and advanced technology.

For the technology, there are a lot of modern technologies equipped in this car. This car will allow you to connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi that will keep you connected in the network along the way. New touch systems with 8 inch wide make you entertainment features much more comfortable. Another improvement in this car is remote link key that allows you to lock and unlock the remote start. These new modern systems make your experience in driving become interesting and satisfying.

Another thing that improved in Chevy Colorado is in the performance. The engine used in this car is provided with three different engine, they are2.5 liter I-4 engine, 3.6 liter V6 engine and Duramax 2.8 liter Turbo Diesel engines. These engines are the best engine in its class that will be very economical in the fuel consumption. That is why even though this car runs fast in the road but it is very efficient in fuel consumption.

Another thing that is good from Chevy Colorado is in the design. This car is designed to be efficient to be loaded by cargo that is why GearOn storage system accessory will manage to contain more goods. In the cockpit, you will have quiet and comfortable interior that will make the driver and the passenger seat much more comfortable. For the seat, Chevrolet Colorado offers leather appointed seat and also standard fabric as the options.

The safety of this car is no doubt. There are several safety systems equipped in this car such as Collision Alert that helps you give warning if you drift from the road or if there are some collision. There will be more modern features in this car that that make this car have complete features. Chevrolet provides maintenance service and warranty for its products up to six years. Chevy Colorado Diesel will be the best car for you who often bring a lot of goods or like to travel using cars.

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