Acura Rsx Specs Review

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Acura released new Acura Rsx Specs that was launched in 2002 replacing Acura Integra. Acura RSX is the type of sport coupe manufactured by Honda. Acura brand is widely known as Honda’s luxury car types in several countries such as United States, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong since 1986. Acura RSX still become the leading car in its class by providing excellent performance and awesome and luxuries quality as a sport coupe car.

What makes this Acura RSX runs faster in the road is because the engine could perform better. This Acura RSX used K-series engine powers that could produce 155 horsepower energy. This engine is awesome in the era when this car was launched in summer 2006. Even though Acura will launch the new series of Acura which is called as Acura TSX that have design with a two-door and more luxurious design, Acura TSX will have different market segments compared with Acura RSX.

Acura RSX is available with two options that provide more choices to the consumer. The difference comes with the trim levels; they are base model and Type-S. For the base model, Acura RSX will be equipped with K20A3 engine motor that could produce 155 horsepower. For the Type-S it will use K20Z1 that produce more power up to 201 horsepower. For the base mode, Acura RSX uses 5 speed automatic or manual transmission whether the Type-S use 6 speed manual transmission only.

For the appearance Acura RSX Type-S tends to be much more appealing rather than the base model. Acura Type-S has titanium finished with sporty design. The wheel size is also much larger by using 17 inch aluminum alloy. For the base model, Acura RSX prefer in emphasizing more for entertainment system rather than in the interior and exterior design. For the price, Acura RSX is quite reasonable with $23,000. This price is quite reasonable compared with the specification offered by this car that is not only fast performance but also sporty design.

If you want to own this car, there will be no new car offers instead you will get the second car. It is because Acura RSX is launched in 2006. You may need to find Acura RSX that is still in a good condition by understanding the specifications. The specification of this car will help you choose and determine the quality of Acura RSX. Acura Rsx Specs provide you enough information for the ability and quality of this car.

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