2016 Tundra Diesel Specs, Price and Review

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Customers will love finding the new Tundra Diesel specs completing the new look of this truck. Indeed, Toyota is well known with its innovation. Some innovations for the new Tundra Diesel are applied for the designs, engine and technology. It supports the entire performance and comfort of this Toyota truck. Unfortunately, Toyota has not officially informed the detail features of this vehicle. But we have some ideas about what the new designs will look like and what is under the hood. The price can also be seen below.

Many changes can be seen from the Tundra Diesel appearance. Compared to the predecessor, it has more aggressive look. Premium class is represented by the front fascia. Restyled grille with contemporary look, new shaped headlights and fog lights are presented. Simple black and chromed bumper makes it look elegant. The rear part of this new Tundra looks impressive with more modern rear lights.

Technology enrichment will complete this new version of Tundra Diesel. Anti lock braking system, air conditioners, traction control and stability control are installed. They create a comfortable and secure automobile. It is also supported with the grip control feature which enables the drivers free from toppling. These better technology features complete the luxury of the interior with the black and brown tones. Leather and wood trims are collaborated for an impressive characteristic.

Under the hood, two engine options are offered. However, it is not clear enough whether the manufacturer will present the 4.6 L V8 engine (310 horsepower) and the 5.7 L V8 engine (381 horsepower or the Land Cruiser 4.5 L V8 diesel and the Cummins 5 L twin turbocharged V8 which produce at least 300 horsepower. The engines will also provide more powerful towing capacity with over 12,000 pounds. The power will support both bulky cargo carrying and immense velocity generating. The fuel intake will be also 10% to 30% better.

Rumors say that the engines will be paired with six paced ECT-I automatic Transmission. There are two drivetrain options, i.e. rear wheel drive (RWD) and all wheel drive (AWD). There are also some models of this new Tundra, i.e. SR, SR5, Limited and Platinum. There is no clear idea about the release date. It is predicted to be during the last three months of 2015. Different Tundra Diesel specs are applied for different models and lead to different prices such as the SR model with $29,450, SR5 with $30,450, Limited $38,170 and the Platinum $46,030.

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