2014 Civic Si 0-60 Specification

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Civic Si 0-60 is quite fast in its class as sport compact car. This car is the type of injection car that was firstly produced in 1984 and now comes in the ninth generation with injected system. Until now, Honda as the producer of this car made several changes and improvement to make the performance and design of this car much better. The 9th generation of Civic Si tends to have modern technology and design providing two options of models, Coupe and Sedan. So, the consumer could choose the suitable models of the Civic Si with their style and personality.

The new 2014 Civic Si uses different engine system from the previous series. It uses 2.4 liter K-series engine that increase the piston stroke ability. With K24Z7 the car could produce 201 horsepower and 170 lb-ft torque. The K24Z7 engine makes this car have higher compression and different efficiency VTEC. It means that this car is more economical in the fuel consumption compared with CR-V even though they have the same engine types.

Another good thing from this car is the unique exterior design. The reshaped design on the exterior is also shown in the front finders that make the appearance of the car looks aggressive. The trim design is also different in the new series. The trim in Si series gets new unique seat fabric design. Red bottoms with black bolsters and little bit dash makes the appearance of the car sportier. Faux carbon fiber dominated the materials in the exterior design.

For the transmission, this car will use six speed manual transmission with helical LSD system. The new Civic Si could hit 60 mpg in 6.7 seconds. This is quite fast for Honda even though it is not as fast as super like Ferrari and Lamborghini. You could already own this car throughout Honda dealers spread in every nation because this car is already sold since 2014. If you like to have sports car with two doors options or having sedan car with four doors options, this car is provided with those models.

Civic Si is one of the cars that you should consider when you want to have fast car which can be categorized as sports car. Civic Si 0-60 which can hit 6.7 seconds with new engine system embodied in the car will make your driving experiences much more challenging. Do you dare for the new challenge?

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