2013 BMW 135i Specs and Review

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BMW 135i Specs reveal the ability and performance of BMW 135i that was launched in 2013 on the road. Why this car can be categorized as premium sports car can be seen from its specification. The focus of improvement in BMW 135i is in the performance of the car. BMW imbued high end technology of engine and features in this car to make it considered as modern sports car that could compete in its class.

If you like to buy BMW 135i, you are provided with two types of models, coupe and convertible. These two models of BMW car give you more choices to choose the car that is suitable with your style. BMW 135i has higher output by producing 320 horsepower. Excellent turbo charged engine and special system are installed in this car to make the car have stability control. Even though you make this car runs very fast on the road, you still could drive this car comfortably by having full control over the car.

To make the BMW 135i feels and looks sportier, the manufacture put 18 inch wheel and other additional features. For the transmission, this car will use a seven speed dual clutch transmission. This transmission makes the car feel challenging and masculine. The safety in BMW 135i is absolutely no doubt. There are a lot of safety features added in this car to prevent fatal damage when crash happened.

Safety features such as air bags, traction and stability control, tire pressure monitoring and daytime running lights are equipped in BMW 135i as well as fancy design that allow the visibility from the inside. Besides safety, BMW also improved entertainment system in this car by adding new features. Bluetooth connectivity, keyless entry, cruise control, rain sensing wipers, HD Radio is also the features that have been added for this new series. There will be more features added in BMW 135i that is functional and practical to make this car comfortable to drive in a long time.

If you like to own one among many cars from BMW, you should consider in having BMW 135i. This car is a luxurious sport car with advanced technology imbued in the car. By knowing BMW 135i Specs you will understand the specification of this car among many BMW cars. Besides, the specs also help you compare this car to the others so that you can find the best one that fits you the most.

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